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Once in a while you just need to see the best of what’s out there. I know none of us have a great chance with these girls, some are TV stars and some of them were even in the Miss Universe competition. But it provides motivation for staying sharp and taking care of yourself; because these girls won’t even acknowledge your existence if you didn’t. These girls have to bang someone though, right? I mean they’re not virgins! But out of the insanely gorgeous Thai models you’ll see pictures of below, my guess only a couple are not with a Thai man.


Hottest Thai Models:

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Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya Sperbund

I can’t really pronounce her name, but this is one of if not the best looking girl in the country in my opinion. She is only half Thai, but she’s become a very big actress in a short time. If she’s not perfect than nobody is. Oh and my girlfriend pronounces her name “Yaya.”


Chanyasorn Sakornchan

Chanyasorn Sakornchan

I get the feeling she might not be the most wild girl and I definitely can’t pronounce her name, but she is something to look at, isn’t she? I wouldn’t get your hopes up, she won Miss Thailand or something or other.


Natthaweeranuch Thongmee

Natthaweeranuch Thongmee

This girl is in movies and Tv shows and she’s obviously a professional model. I think most of the Thai’s know who she is. She’s really beautiful and she’s got a very unique look. Google her, she seems like she’s fun too.


Farung Yuthithum

Farung Yuthithum

If you’re into that exotic Thai model look, Farung is the one for you! I think I know how to pronounce her name -.or no I really don’t think I do and I’m sure she’d be offended by the way I think it’s pronounced. She was also a Miss Universe Contestant so your chances with her are between 0 and 0.



Aum Patcharapa

Aum Patcharapa

Good God! Ok so Aum is easily one of the hottest girls on the planet, let alone Thailand. She’s also done the TV, modeling, and pageant thing, so she’s well known. My goodness that is right up my alley right there. She’s not married but she does have a boyfriend, a Thai TV actor. Supposedly she tapped into her inner Paris Hilton and made a home made sex video that leaked. Must have leaked in Thai text, because I certainly can’t find it in English :(


Nok UsaneeNok Usanee

The Funny thing about Nok is that her pictures are absolutely abused all over the internet and you’ll find one or two of them on this site as well. Ready for this…she is married to a farang! Why do I know this? Because my girlfriend just passed by the computer and told me. She was also married to two different Thai guys prior. She’s a well known TV star and she’s flawless.


Juy Warattaya

Juy Warattaya

Juy is no spring chicken by international modeling standards at 30 years of age. But I like the dark meat aspect, although she’s plenty white in some other pictures. She’s been a TV host and has had other assorted modeling and TV gigs. According to my girlfriend her name is pronounced Jewey, which means she’s very good at accounting.


Bee Namthip

Bee Namthip

Bee is a really easy name to say, thank goodness. Bee is an actress on some Thai soap opera’s where it’s a good bet that she cries a lot.


Aff Taksaorn

Aff Taksaorn

This pretty girl is slowing down her modeling and acting career now that she has married her Thai husband, whose name is Songkran. Seriously, his name is Songkran!



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6 Responses to Thai models | Hottest Thailand Models

  • No mention of Yipso? She’s super cute. And her sister isn’t bad either.

  • Kalpn says:

    Nice list there. The last one really makes me laugh! (I am not someone who really laughs alot.)

  • Agustin says:

    I can proudly say that i personally met 2 of the girls in that list. And they are hotter in person & super sweet.

    • Mike says:

      Nice! That’s twice as many as me. Would love to hear more specifics and I’m sure the girls would appreciate the compliment.



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